39 dogs and cats left homeless in NC after husband dies and wife evicted

November 28, 2014

According to a November 26 report by Fox8 News, animal rescue volunteers are working to find homes for 39 animals in Randolph County, North Carolina.

 A video of some of the dogs and cats can be seen here.
Cathey Kindley recently lost her husband, and now her landlord is asking her to leave the home she rents in Randleman by the end of November.

Cathey is moving to a place that won’t allow her to take any of her pets. This gives her little time to find homes for her 27 dogs and 12 cats.

Volunteers and friends of Cathey have reached out to local animal rescues and fosters. The problem is many of them are full, especially going into the holiday weekend when rescues pulled shelter animals so they wouldn’t spend the Thanksgiving holiday behind bars.

The dogs seem to have help and the landlord has been warned about harming the animals. The landlord was called personally by the Randolph County Shelter Director after saying the dogs and cats would be shot. The shelter director warned that he will be prosecuted if any animals are shot.

The cats still need help but people are speaking up for the dogs hopefully they will follow through!

The only alternative for any cats and dogs left will be to surrender the animals to the Randolph County Animal Shelter.

Please share this article with friends and rescues in the North Carolina area. If you are interested in fostering or adopting one of the animals call 919-795-5584.


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