What an Idaho police officer didn’t do to two vicious dogs is earning him praise

June 15, 2016
What an Idaho police officer didn’t do to two vicious dogs is earning him praise, MyNorthwest.com reported June 15. In a social media world filled with dogs shot by police articles, this story is a refreshing change about an officer with the Meridian Police Department who valued the life of two dogs he came across while performing his duties.
School resource officer David Gomez of Meridian, Idaho recently encountered two very unfriendly dogs running lose one evening. The dogs were vicious and were barking and foaming at the mouth. One of the dogs was confrontational and lunged at David a few times.
Thanks to a training seminar on how to deal with dangerous dogs in a non-lethal way, Officer Gomez knew exactly what to do. He learned you talk to dogs in a soft voice, and you don’t step back when they lunge at you. David had his baton and he had pepper spray.

Kiro Radio’s Dori Monson is spreading the news about this compassionate police officer credited with taking proper action in what could have become another dog shot by police stories. Dori stated

“It is a remarkable bit of police work. I have seen over the years, so many stories,” Dori said. “We’ve had at least a dozen stories of cops shooting dogs for 10 times less. And this cop was so cool.”

Officer Gomez spoke to the “puppies” in a soft boss. He gave them orders, and within a few minutes, he had them in the back of his patrol car. He used his baton and the more vicious of the two dogs did have to be pepper sprayed, but at no time did the officer feel compelled to pull his gun.


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