Strange case of two dogs found abandoned in crates with food and water nearby

June 26, 2016

Hamden, Connecticut police are investigating the strange case of two dogs found abandoned in crates in a wooded area off Mountain Road on Thursday, NH Register reported June 25. According to a Facebook: Meriden Humane Society post, there was food and water near the crates, and the dogs had water inside the crates.

Janette Mosko-Berube lives on Mountain Road. She and her husband David had driven by the area Thursday and the dogs weren’t there. When they drove back through around 7 p.m. police were there with the dogs. The family reported seeing a white Ford Expedition in the area with an empty dog crate tied to the roof. It hasn’t been confirmed the vehicle is in any way involved, but Hamden Police would like to speak to the owner of the SUV.
Other than the two dogs, both female, being a little anxious and barking, they were in good health. In an interview with NH Register Janette said

“One of them looked older, and the other one looked like she may have had a litter not too long ago. They were friendly — the older one was a little scared but what animal wouldn’t be, out in the woods in a crate? The other one was very friendly and licking me through the crate. They were shaken up and barking but they weren’t vicious. They didn’t have a mark on them so they were definitely not fighting dogs.”

Janette was asked to share the dogs on her Facebook page, along with the photos she took of the two dogs. At this time, her post has been reshared almost 12,000 times.

This is an interesting case that has police and residents baffled. The dogs are healthy and well cared for. They’re friendly. It’s true they were abandoned, but they were abandoned with food and water on a street known for its animal lovers. The inside of each crate had clean cardboard and blankets. Who does this? Why didn’t the owner contact the Humane Society or a local dog rescue?

Anyone with information on this case is asked to contact Hamden Police at (203) 230-4000. For information on adopting the dogs, contact Hamden Animal Control at 203-230-4080.


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