SC dog with pipe on his head is captured

May 19, 2014

According to Oconee County Animal Control, the dog with a chimney pipe stuck on his head has been caught.Fox Carolina News reported the story May 19.

Piper, the dog seen roaming the Westminster area for a week is now safe. He was captured Monday evening around 8:15 p.m. and is very tired. Other than being exhausted, animal control confirmed Piper is in good health.

Animal control will neuter him, and get him vaccinated and cared for.

What will become of Piper once he’s been cared for is still up in the air? One person has come forward claiming ownership, saying Piper went missing a year ago and didn’t turn up until now. A resident in the area who has kept Piper fed has also expressed interest in adopting this poor dog.

Many thanks go out to those who joined in the rescue of Piper. Hopefully, he can be rehabilitated and enjoy the love that only comes in a forever home.

More updates will be made as they become available.






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