Rowan County is asking residents to give cats in their shelter a forever home

June 10, 2016
 Update DOZENS of cats killed before the public had time to respond.

Due to a packed shelter, Rowan County Animal Shelter is asking residents to give the cats in their shelter a forever home, Fox46 News reported June 6.

Cats are killed on a weekly basis at the Salisbury, North Carolina shelter. It’s kitten season, meaning irresponsible pet owners are dropping off their pregnant female cats, as well as cats who have already given birth. This has created an influx of cats and kittens, many who won’t get out of the shelter alive without rescue or adoption.

Rowan County Animal Shelter Director Bob Pendergrass stated in an interview with Fox46 News

“I have to be very careful not to get too attached because hopefully, they’re going to go to good homes. It’s kind of nice to have something crawl up into your lap wanting attention when it’s the end of the day.”

Bob says he’s always been a cat person, and he says he’s hard at work trying to find the shelter cats a forever home. He reports a significant increase in the number of cats dropped off at the shelter, which is normal for this time of year.

There really is no ‘down’ time for cats entering the shelter system. Between kittens being born, people deciding to surrender their pets before leaving on vacation and those who decide they were mistaken and they just don’t want a cat, it never ends. The shelter isn’t at capacity yet, but it’s close.

Please consider adopting a shelter cat, before it’s too late. To view some of the cats and kittens up for adoption or rescue, check out Facebook: Rowan County Cats & Kittens need your help.


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