Rescued English bulldog crowned winner of 37th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest

April 24, 2016

A scrappy English bulldog rescued after he was found wandering the streets of West Des Moines has been named the winner of the 37th Annual Beautiful Bulldog Contest at Drake University, Drake University Newsroom reported April 24. Nine months ago Vincent was homeless and all alone until he was placed in foster care, where he stayed until a forever home was found three months ago with Meredith and Chad Green of Des Moines.

Vincent, now a 60-pound pup, out-shined 44 English bulldogs from around the United States in front of an audience of 1,400 who watched in the Knapp Center, with another 500+ watching online. Today Vincent’s smiling mug is making the rounds globally, announcing he’ll serve as an official mascot of the 107th Annual Drake Relays, which kick off this week around Des Moines and in Drake Stadium.

Guest judge Van Auken, producer for STAR 102.5 in Des Moines stated

“He had the look, the wrinkles, the nose, the happiness. His tongue was always wagging. It was pure joy looking at him.”

Vincent provided first class entertainment all around, from his snazzy floral shirt to his flair for attention and endless enthusiasm. He beat out competitors dressed as peacocks, cowboys, butterflies and Roman gladiators. Sandy Hatfield Clubb, Drake University Director of Athletics, said choosing Vincent as the winner was a unanimous decision.

Meredith Green says Vincent isn’t your typical bulldog. He’s very active and enjoys chasing his tiny Yorkshire Terrier sister around the house. To relax, Vincent loves to chew on a good bone.

Van Auken, Clubb, and the other judges (Drake University President Marty Martin and his wife, Laura; Student Body President Kevin Maisto; and WHO-TV news anchor Erin Kiernan) awarded the following to other dogs who competed in the Beautiful Bulldog Contest. Awards went to

The Drake Spirit Award went to Deliylah, a veteran contestant who missed last year’s competition because she was giving birth to four puppies. (Owner: Tressa Yeggy of Des Moines.)

Best Dressed recognition went to Sir Winford James, owned by Brian Wahlen of Brown Deer, Wisc., and accompanied by bulldog companion Madison. All three wore formal attire: Sir Winford James and Brian Wahlen in black suits, ties, and fedora hats, with Madison in scarlet ribbon and a black dress.

Family Theme went to Mack, who wore a brown saddle, a gray tail, and a gray mane to mimic the look of a horse. His two-legged (human) brother Kenny wore a cowboy get-up as he led Mack across the stage.

Congeniality Award went to Tank, a highly social canine who loves to be out in the community and to be around people. His owner, Abbie Mork of Adel, says he has a job helping out at Price Performance Chiropractic.

The Rescue Dog Award was presented to Romeo, whose owner Michon D. Huston of Kansas City, Mo., rescued him from the Kansas City English Bulldog Rescue. Romeo came dressed to impress in a Drake football uniform.

Porterhouse People’s Choice Award, named in honor of 2009 Beautiful Bulldog Contest winner and late Drake University live mascot Porterhouse, was awarded by popular vote to Meatball, whose favorite hobbies include eating, sleeping, and playing. Meatball is owned by Alejandro DeAnda of Sioux City and was also runner up in this year’s contest.

Click here for an itinerary of the Drake Relays Week scheduled April 24-30.


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