Rescue plan for dog with chimney pipe on his head thwarted by rapid gunfire

May 18, 2014

Rain and gunfire hampered efforts on Saturday to catch an upstate dog with a chimney pipe attached to his head. Fox Carolina updated the situation May 18.

Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation of South Carolina was hopeful they’d be able to capture a dog with a chimney pipe stuck on his head. The dog was spotted wearing the pipe May 12, and efforts were increased to capture him by the weekend.

Animal control from Oconee and Anderson county lent a hand, along with a veterinarian. The plan was to catch the dog, dubbed Piper, and his new tag-along female friend. An area covering around 500 acres of forest has been monitored to keep track of the dogs.

The vet involved in the rescue mission believes the metal is wound too tightly for Piper to eat but is fairly certain the dog can drink.

Piper and his friend came closer Saturday than they had at any other time. The rescue team was sure the dog would be captured Saturday evening until the unthinkable happened.

According to their Facebook page

“Piper was settled and making himself seen, traps in place, his comfort level was the best Saturday since this journey began and then the unexpected happens. Local residents began very rapid gunfire, about 100 rounds at a time, a quick break from the noise and then more gunfire, rapid, continuous.”

In moments, what took six days to accomplish. Piper and his friend bolted and weren’t seen again for the rest of the night.
Sunday morning brought heavy rain to the area. Not only does the weather make things more difficult, there are other dangers. Due to the rugged terrain, there are timber rattlers, wild boar, and bears who live in the area.

Upstate Animal Rescue plans to build a fence around the area where Piper is hanging out. To box Piper and his friend in without them realizing it.

They’re asking for donations of fencing, which can be taken down and reused after the two dogs are caught. Kelly Blair, the rescue representative, told Fox Carolina

“We’re hoping to build this fence to close in on Piper without him realizing it. We’re using store-bought chain link kennels, breaking them apart and using the individual walls as fencing. We still need a few more to be able to complete the fence.”

The rescue of this one poor dog has brought not just the community together, Piper’s story has gone viral.

Whether it’s a resident in the neighborhood opening her home to volunteers, or prayers and good thought from half a world away, everyone is hoping this dog can be saved before it’s too late.


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