Report filed after Greenville County deputy refuses to help fatally injured dog

June 6, 2016

A report has been filed after a Greenville County, South Carolina Sheriff’s Office deputy allegedly refused to help a fatally injured dog who was found dumped in Southern Greenville County. Kelley Blair, founder of Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation of South Carolina stated on their Facebook community page June 6

“Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation of SC received a call at 1000 PM last night of an injured dog, we called Greenville County Sheriffs Office to respond because of the hour and a bad location.
GCSO responded twice and said the dog was fine and told the original caller there was nothing to be done.
For at least 10 hours this dog laid in pain, covered in maggots and couldn’t get up, and GREENVILLE County refused to call Animal Control, who has an AC Officer on call after hours.”

Kelley filed a report with Internal Affairs stating her disgust with how the situation was handled. The dog, dubbed Ben, was unaltered and had cataracts. It’s believed Ben was an older dog. A dog who had to suffer needlessly for hours due to the incompetence and laziness of Greenville County Sheriff’s Office after being dumped on a pile of trash. Ben was euthanized after it was learned his back was broken and he had abdominal and leg injuries.

Remember, this is the same department that wanted to ‘ticket’ Roger Owen for dragging a dog named Andra Grace behind his pickup back in 2013. The same department that waited months to reopen the case of Taz, a puppy stolen from a Greenville County Apartment.

Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation of SC would like to find the owner or who is responsible for abandoning this dog to suffer.
Kelley Blair currently working on a GoFundMe to offer a reward for verifiable information. You may leave a private message on her Facebook page or text 864-367-3228 with any information.

Keep in mind elections are coming up soon, and it’s up to the voters of Greenville County to decide whether Sheriff Steve Loftis should serve another term as Sheriff.

Also remember these are the actions of only one deputy, and we should not be too quick to judge his actions and find fault with the whole department. Many GCSO deputies have performed heroic rescues of animals in trouble.





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