NDARRT: Recovery efforts in place for pets lost in Pilger, Nebraska tornadoes

June 17, 2014

The National Disaster Animal Response and Recovery Teams Pets have started a Facebook page for pets lost and found following the deadly tornadoes that devastated Pilger and nearby communities in Nebraska.

Much of Stanton County was destroyed Monday afternoon when tornadoes tore through Pilger, Wisner, and Stanton. Twin tornado wiped away much of the area, leaving at least one dead and 15 injured.
KTIV is reporting the Stanton County Sheriff says two people are dead, one a small child. Rescue crews continue to search for survivors. The survivors of one area that suffered the worst damage have been evacuated to a nearby town. Governor Heineman is set to visit Pilger this morning to access the damage.

The NDARRT would like to remind those with pets missing from Monday’s storm that homes and buildings with basements are where pets hide or end up after a tornado. As damaged buildings are cleared by SAR, that is where to look for the missing pets.

If you have found a pet, please keep that pet in a safe place until it can be reunited with its owner. Be sure to follow any local orders, should it be decided pets need to be taken to a county facility. And by no means return a pet until you have verification of ownership. Many times a call to the veterinarian used can verify ownership.

If you have lost a pet, don’t panic. Many pets lost in the April 27 Arkansas tornadoes were found more than a month after the storm.


Please keep those affected by the storm in your thoughts and prayers in the coming weeks.


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