L.A. animal rights advocate visited by animal control for “breeding dogs”

June 1, 2014

A lot of you are familiar with my friend Claudia Perez (AKA Cloud Nyne). I write a lot of articles helping place dogs who are abandoned on her property. Claudia comes home many days to find a few dogs tethered to her deck.

When I heard Claudia’s story of being reported as a dog breeder, I had to write it.
Some of the dogs abandoned on her property are in good shape and just need a home. Some aren’t in good shape, and Claudia gets vet care for those who need it. Then she contacts me, and I write an article to help her place the poor dog or raise vet expenses.

Claudia lives in South Los Angeles. We’ve never met, but I can tell you she’s one tough lady. Claudia works a lot with the homeless of South Los Angeles. She serves up dinners and takes them bags of personal items a person who has no home can use.

Claudia even delivers doggy bags for the pets of the homeless.

Claudia got the shock of her life Sunday when she had a special visit after a complaint was filed against her. Like many in rescue, she recently made an enemy of someone.

Sunday morning, around 11 a.m., she had an unexpected visitor. No, it wasn’t a cute little dog tied to her deck this time.

Animal Control from the South Los Angeles Shelter showed up on her doorstep after it was reported Claudia was breeding Rottweilers and Terriers. Animal Control was told she had a small puppy mill going in her back yard.

So what did Claudia do? She took him on the grand tour. Claudia told me, along with others who follow her work

“At first, I was a bit bothered by his “UNEXPECTED” visit, but after a nice conversion, a walk around my house, photos taken of my altered animals and fosters, paper work shown and all that bullshit, this visit tuned out to be a WONDERFUL visit.”

Claudia wanted me to pass along a huge thank you to whoever reported her with the intention to damage her reputation. This piece of scum actually opened a door for Claudia and connected her with Animal Control to work with her organization, LA on Cloud9, in helping other families in need of assistance.

The only bad thing to come out of the visit is Claudia was given a date to have her foster dogs adopted out. Dogs who have been abandoned for her to care for. As it turns out, the law in her area is you can only keep a foster animal for 30 days.

If you can help with one of her dogs, please email her at LAonC9@yahoo.com

Claudia assured her friends on social media that she’s fine and dandy after this, and that karma will be paying this person a visit. Claudia has a message to her new enemy.

“God is GOOD to me…. Have a GREAT DAY!! Try again some other time…”

Claudia, you’re amazing! If anyone wants to donate to helping feed the homeless in L.A., please do so at PayPal LAonC9@yahoo.com







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