Greenville shelter faces canine flu emergency; all dogs need out by 7pm Friday

August 22, 2013
UPDATED 8/23/13 3:45pm UPDATE: Bob Mihalic, a spokesperson for Greenville County Animal Care, has refuted reports that all animals at the shelter must be adopted by this afternoon. “It’s business as usual at Greenville County Animal Care,” Mihalic said.

UPDATED 8/23/2013 1:45 pm. Only those dogs whose 5-day hold is up will be euthanized if not out of the shelter by 7 pm. Time is running out. Anyone who wishes to help a dog should visit the shelter personality, as they may be too busy to respond to emails.

Greenville County Animal Care Services has had a hard summer, where they’ve dealt with several hundred dogs between two puppy mill raids in upstate SC. The community has been supportive of the shelter, and need community help as they face yet another emergency situation.

Greenville County Animal Care/Pet Rescue is a high rate kill shelter. As of this morning, there has been one confirmed case of canine influenza, with Friday, August 23, being their last day to hold dogs. All canines need to be confirmed by noon Friday and be picked up no later than 7 pm. Any dogs who remain at the shelter are at serious risk of euthanasia.

The email sent to those in rescue from GCACS reads

We have a confirmed case of Canine Influenza with a stray dog that came into our shelter. Dogs inoculated with a core vaccine (like DA2PPV) are not protected against Canine Influenza, and therefore prudent precautions are necessary to prevent this disease from spreading. With that in mind, we are taking cautionary measures to isolate and clean areas of our shelter where dogs are housed. In order to do this, we need all dogs whose stray hold is over to leave the shelter for a minimum of one week before introducing them to other dogs.They will Not be altered, they will be given Rabies Vaccines & Microchipped! All Dogs listed below are considered Super Urgent and must be confirmed no later than Friday August 23rd at NOON, and must leave the shelter no later than 7pm that day- No Exceptions.

If you’ve thought of adopting a pet, do it. The same goes for foster care, where you can take a dog into your home and keep it safe and loved until a rescue has an opening where the dog can be adopted out. Go to the shelter at 328 Furman Hall Road if you want to foster a dog. The application is easy to fill out, and you’ll be saving a life.

This is also a call to all rescues. This is a very serious situation, and any rescue that can pull one of the dogs needs to contact the shelter by email at When contacting the shelter, please put urgent, the dog’s name, and the shelter I.D. number as the subject of the email.

Please click here to see the many dogs up for adoption. There are also many in the regular urgent list, who are now in danger because of the canine influenza outbreak. I’ve included as many photos as Examiner allows, but there are many more on the Greenville County Pet Rescue Facebook page.

Make a difference, save a life. These dogs need those in the community to step up and save them. If you can’t help personally by adoption/foster/rescue, please share this article with those in dog rescue.


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