Franklin County Animal Shelter director shot injured dog as a form of euthanasia

August 20, 2013

Franklin County Animal Shelter                                                                     WRAL

An injured basset hound was put to death outside of the method of euthanasia guidelines approved for the Franklin County, North Carolina animal shelter, WRAL News reported August 20.

The basset hound was injured in a fight with a pit bull where the two dogs shared a kennel at the shelter, located at 1640 Timberlake Road in Louisburg. Shelter director Taylor Bartholomew admitted to shooting the dog with a .22 rifle after a complaint was made to the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Welfare Section.

The dog didn’t appear to be seriously injured, but a couple of days after the dog fight, Bartholomew noticed the dog favoring his injured paw, and believed the animal to be in pain. So he shot him. Investigators with the Department of Agriculture explained to Bartholomew that shooting a dog as a form of euthanasia under extraordinary circumstances was in violation under state code in this case.

According to 02 NCAC 52J .0702 GUNSHOT OR OTHER METHODS

Under extraordinary circumstances and situations which occur offsite from the shelter, a shelter employee may use gunshot or other extreme method of euthanasia as set forth in the American Veterinary Medical Association, Humane Society of the United States or American Humane Association Guidelines incorporated by reference in 02 NCAC 52J .0401.

Because the dog was shot on shelter property, the extraordinary circumstances law wouldn’t apply.

Franklin County Animal Shelter is getting a good many comments against Bartholomew on their Facebook page, not only for shooting the dog with a .22 rifle, but for putting a basset hound in the same pen with a pit bull.

No one knew the behavior pattern of either dog, and it was a deadly mistake putting the two dogs together, thinking they would automatically become best buddies.

Now a dog is dead, after suffering what turned out to be a serious injury. Information as to whether the shelter director will face discipline for his actions isn’t available at this time.

Readers, what do you think the punishment should be? Fire the director? Charge him with animals cruelty? Should Bartholomew face charges for putting the two dogs together in the cage, as this may be considered by some to be animal cruelty, even before the attack occurred. Your comments are welcome.


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