Four charged in Anderson County P.A.W.S. puppy theft

March 18, 2014

Four people caught on video as they exited the Anderson County PAWS facility March 12 have been taken into custody, Fox Carolina reported March 18.

The three puppies taken from the Anderson County shelter haven’t been recovered at this time, but the four young people behind the dognapping have been charged with petty larceny.

Anderson County Sheriff’s office identified the suspects as siblings Kenneth Frank Lewis, 22; Cassidy Lynn Lewis, 19; Randle Blake Lewis, 20; and Taylor Brook Lewis, 17. A mug shot of Kenneth Frank Lewis was unavailable at this time.

According to Jessica Cwynar, director of Anderson County PAWS, last Wednesday the adoption counselors at the front desk spoke with the family about adopting a pet from their facility. The four then walked into the shelter area where the dogs were being housed, then walked out with the puppies through an unauthorized area near the dog park.

The dogs stolen were a black and white terrier/America pit bull mix, a black and white America blue tick/healer mix and a black and white collie?retriever mix.

One of the pups had already been adopted by someone else and was taken before the adoption process was completed. This usually includes a spay/neuter and vaccinations.

Lt. Sheila Cole of the Anderson County Sheriff’s office told Fox Carolina that the suspects are siblings from Greenville, South Carolina.

According to South Carolina law (S.C. Code Ann. § 16-13-30), Petit larceny is punishable by a sentence of imprisonment of no more than 30 days, or by a fine not to exceed $1,000.

Pickens County Sheriff’s website shows that Randle and Cassidy Lewis was just arrested for 3rd-degree burglary and petty Larceny on March 3, 2014.





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