Efforts now underway to rescue upstate dog with chimney pipe stuck on its head

May 16, 2014

Efforts are underway today to rescue a dog in a bad situation.Fox Carolina News reported the story May 15.

Veterinarians and experienced volunteers are working Friday afternoon in Seneca, in hopes a dog with a piece of metal ductwork stuck on its head can be rescued.
Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation(UARSC) said the dog was discovered on May 12. The pipe is stuck on its head in a way that prevents the dog from eating.

Several rescue groups have attempted to catch the dog, but the group says this dog is feral and won’t let anyone close. According to UARSC’s Facebook page

“Update: Veterinarians and experienced volunteers are working to try to help the dog with the vent pipe on its head. Please do not come to the area. We have the people and skills we need to work with this situation. The dog is very afraid, and extra people, noise, smells are not helping.”

Resident’s in the area who are familiar with the dog say it’s been living alone in the area for a long time. It was most likely dumped as a puppy and has never known the love of a human.

UARSC representative Kelly Blair said animal control has set a large trap for the dog today, but it’s too afraid to come near. Sight-seers who want to watch the rescue are hampering the effort.

Once this poor dog is caught, the rescue will need help with its medical costs. Kelly is determined, as well as trusting that the animal community will step up and open their wallets when the time comes.

“Right this moment we need prayer, this is next to impossible, but we will get him. Ask everyone to please step up to help him when he makes it to the vet.”






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