Dozens of cats killed after Rowan County Shelter asks public to adopt them

June 10, 2016
 Although the Rowan County Animal Shelter has had Fox46 News in to promote their shelter cats, 32 cats at the Salisbury, North Carolina shelter have been killed since that interview was done on June 6. Greenville Cats Examiner covered the story June 10.

The interview where Rowan County Animal Shelter Director Bob Pendergrass asked the Salisbury community to come out and adopt a cat or kitten has ended badly. A Google document lists which cats were killed and when. It’s sad to think a shelter director would ask for help, then turn around and kill so many precious lives.

Ten cats were killed the very day of his interview. The spreadsheets maintained solely by Rowan County Animal Shelter reports 32 cats and kittens were killed June 10, andFacebook: Rowan County Cats & Kittens need your help confirmed they were killed earlier today.

What makes their deaths unbearable is people were calling the shelter and at least one rescue asked to pull a cat and was told that cat was ‘gone.’ There are 13 cats on the list to die this weekend and 20 more scheduled to be killed on Monday. If you can adopt, rescue or foster a cat or kitten, go to the Rowan County immediately. It does no good to post messages to Facebook asking if a particular cat is still available.

The public may be blissfully sipping the Kool-Aid in their rose-colored glasses thinking someone else will adopt or rescue or foster. This isn’t the case. It’s routine for this North Carolina shelter to kill cats, and the news media interview, although it brought in calls from people wanting to adopt, was all a farce.

Bob Pendergrass may be a ‘cat person,’ but when it comes to saving the cats, he definitely dropped the ball this time. The Rowan County Animal Shelter is located at 1465 Julian Road in Salisbury.


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