Dog left clinging to life in a Tennessee river has died

June 24, 2016

A dog left clinging to life in a Tennessee river has died. Greenville Dog Examiner covered the story on this pitiful dog on June 21. Big Fluffy Dog Rescue, the wonderful folks in care of the dog dubbed “Poseidon” then changed to “Duck” ( because she answered to the name Duck) upon learning she was female, posted on their Facebook: Big Fluffy Dog Rescue page June 24

“Duck died this morning from septic shock caused by the raging infection she arrived with. Despite her incredible will to live, her body simply could not take any more. I am grateful to so many people – the girls involved in her rescue, the strangers who helped put her in the canoe, Katy and Jan who moved heaven and earth to get her to the vet and our amazing vets Animal House Veterinary Clinic. I also thank all of you who helped us try to save her.”

After her heroic rescue, it was learned several people in boats passed her by. Duck had been in the water long enough to grow algae on her paws. Many people canoed past this dog without stopping. but two stopped and they are her saviors. A couple of boys came upon the scene and helped them get her into the girls’ canoe, so thank you to those unknown heroes.

Duck spent two hours in the canoe with the girls until they could get her to a takeout point. She was utterly exhausted and too weak to move, so they took turns squeezing Capri Suns down her throat to keep her alive. Duck underwent surgery, as well as a blood transfusion. Her will to live was strong, but she had been in the water, watching others pass her by and leave her there to die.

Thank you to everyone who did their best to try to save Duck. To those responsible for her being there in the first place, and the ones who chose to ignore her in the water, you reap what you sow.





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