Dog kept in kennel for months at a Georgia animal shelter has been rescued

April 24, 2016
Thanks to an army of animal advocates, a dog who spent four months in a kennel at a Georgia animal shelter has been rescued. This is the story of Spirit, a German Shepherd, deemed too dangerous to even be walked, who is now on a new journey to a loving, forever home.

Spirit, a German Shepherd, entered the Glynn County Animal Control facility on December 29, 2015. Instead of the shelter finding him a home, Spirit was deemed as dangerous, and shelter director Julie Holmes Taylor determined Spirit as highly unpredictable and wouldn’t be adopted to anyone but a professional rescue or handler. A “million dollar insurance policy” was also mentioned as a stipulation of rescue or adoption.

Poor Spirit spent nearly four months in a kennel, not being allowed out for walks. The shelter staff was so afraid of Spirit they never took off his leash, instead of using a catch pole and cleaning out his cage by spraying him with water.

April 8, 2016, was the turning point in Spirits quest for freedom. It was on that date the animal advocacy community stepped in and diligently began the serious task of getting Spirit his walking papers. It took a few weeks, and on April 23 at 11 am, this “dangerous” dog walked out of the shelter on a leash.

A lot of animal advocates need to be thanked for helping this misunderstood dog who only needed a chance for a forever home. First, thank you to the 2,375 people who shared Spirit on Facebook: Friends of Glynn Animals. Directly involved were Christy James Shows, Arthur Brachmann Donna Eskenazi, Lea Moore-McCarthy, Karina Rosito, Lynn Stevens, Marina Malan, Roy Scarborough, Scott Boudreaux (for transporting) and Randy Hare (trainer extraordinaire). And lastly, Kelly Poland who will soon be Spirit’s new mom.

Spirit isn’t the first German Shepherd wrongly accused of being dangerous. Dunbar was recently rescued from a Los Angeles shelter after being kept in a kennel for four months. German Shepherds have personality traits that are different from other breeds. It’s time shelter directors study the breed instead of attaching labels.


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