Decatur woman reunited with 8-year-old Yorkie stolen during home burglary

October 5, 2014

A Georgia woman whose dog was stolen during a burglary has been reunited with her furry friend, WSB-TV2 Action News reported October 1.

On September 25, Laura Knox, a DeKalb County, Georgia resident, had her worst nightmare come true. Neighbors in her Decatur neighborhood called police after noticing Laura’s front door standing open. Police then contacted Laura to tell her that burglars had broken into her home. Along with stealing TV’s and her iPad, it’s believed they also took her 8-year-old Yorkshire terrier named Mackie.

In an interview with WSB, Laura stated

“I immediately asked the police when they called if there was a dog there and they said no. He’s my family and I’ve had him for eight years and it’s just really cruel.”

The burglars had forced their way in through a back door, then left the front door open when they left. Mackie was inside the house at the time of the burglary, and it was unclear whether he had escaped or was stolen. The Yorkie had on a red harness with his tag and contact information.

Laura and her neighbors spent the day searching the neighborhood and posting flyers to try to find her missing dog.

After seeing another story about a stolen dog from a DeKalb County burglary that occurred a day after hers, Laura contacted Channel 2 Action News with her story.

Then on Wednesday a woman contacted Laura saying she had Mackie, purchased from two people who sold her the dog at a gas station. Now Mackie and Laura have been reunited.

Ashley Curlette, whose dog was also stolen during a burglary, said someone dropped her 11-year-old blind Boston terrier, Boomer, off at a Decatur home.

Police are unsure whether the two cases are related.


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