Arlington PD officers use their mandatory dog behavior training to save lost dog

June 30, 2014

The Arlington(Texas) Police Department Facebook page has gone viral after the treatment officer’s offered an “aggressive” pit bull. WFAA News reported the story June 27.

According to the Arlington Police Department Facebook page, on June 26 Sgt. Gary Carter and Officer Heather Gibson were in the neighborhood to answer an alarm call in the 300 block of N. East Street (North Arlington) when neighbors in the area warned them of a pit bull who was following area residents.

Thanks to mandatory dog behavior training given the department last year, Carter was able to recognize signs of dehydration in the dog. He and Officer Gibson were able to get the dog into the back of their cruiser using a protein bar.

Arlington Police Chief Will D. Johnson told WFAA in an interview that

“This is exactly the type of compassion we love to see our employees exhibit and credit their good judgment and our significant investment that our organization has made in providing training to officers on how to deal with dogs.”

Officer Carter rode bulls for a living before joining the Arlington Police Department, so a large dog didn’t cause him to “fear for his life” as happens to many police officers. These two compassionate officers recognized this was someone’s dog and that someone most likely loved and missed this sweet boy.

Thanks to a microchip, owner Antonio Mireles had his dog back by noon Friday.

As it turned out, “Jeffrey” was adopted from a Grand Prairie shelter only a week before. Jeffrey is an escape artist who managed to escape a fenced-in yard. Precautions have been taken to be sure Jeffrey doesn’t go exploring on his own in the future.

As for the Arlington PD Facebook post, it has almost 70,000 shares and more than 17,000 comments.

Good job, officers. It’s nice to hear some good news come out of Texas.


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