$1,500 reward offered for return of SC puppy stolen from Taylors apartment

April 9, 2016
A South Carolina family has turned to social media and are offering a $1,500 (increased from $1,000) reward for the return of their stolen puppy, Fox Carolina News reported March 30. They reached out to Greenville Dog Examiner earlier this week asking for any help Examiner can offer in spreading the word about Taz, who was stolen March 10 from their daughter’s Taylors, South Carolina apartment.

Gene Grimsley told Fox Carolina that Taz was stolen from inside a kennel at his daughter Logan’s Cobalt Springs Apartment. There was no sign of forced entry and nothing else was taken. Taz was reported as missing to Greenville County Sheriff’s Department, who have since closed the case due to lack of evidence. Gene says Logan, who moved to the area in early January to attend Greenville Technical College, has moved out of Cobalt Springs.

Jeremy, Logan’s boyfriend from Florence, bought her this puppy right after she moved to Taylors. They named him Taz and Logan instantly fell in love and had a great bond with him. She was either attending class, at work or with Taz. The day before he was stolen Logan spent the day at a dog park with her new puppy. One of Logan’s roommates instantly wanted a puppy herself and couldn’t get her boyfriend to buy her one, so the roommate bought herself a puppy near the end of February.

Logan works a few nights a week at a local Cracker Barrel. This is where she was the day Taz disappeared. Logan attended classes the morning of March 10, followed by a few hours of a study job. She was able to spend several hours with Taz before leaving for work around 5 p.m. According to Gene, the roommate was at the apartment when Logan left for work.

Gene was on the phone with Logan when she returned home around 9:30 p.m. and discovered Taz missing from the kennel, which she kept in her bedroom. The dog belonging to the roommate was also missing. Greenville County Sheriff’s Office was called and a report was filed. There was no forced entry and absolutely nothing else taken.

The family has put out a plea for the safe return of their puppy. Gene told Fox Carolina

“I know there is someone in the Upstate that knows what happened and where he is. Do the right thing soon and return him or take him to (Greenville County) Animal Care. They have our information.”

If you have information on Taz, the case number with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office is 16-42433. The family can be reached at 843-621-0671 (they live outside the Upstate area).

Please share Taz, especially with friends and family in Upstate South Carolina. Social media is a proven tool in reuniting lost and stolen pets with their rightful owner.


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