Upstate SC woman charged with cruelty to animals after horrific conditions found

June 27, 2016

An Upstate South Carolina cat rescuer has been charged with cruelty to animals-living conditions after well-respected cat transporter Jeff Emmons visited the home and found conditions horrific enough to be reported to the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office, including a strong urine odor coming from inside the home and dead kittens outside. A complete FOIA report can be found by clicking here.

The arrest of Luann Rae Meador Keller brings to mind the case of Julianne Westberry, a cat ‘rescuer’ based out of Belton who abandoned dozens of cats in June 2014. Keller was investigated by Greenville County Inspector Ashley Dewees last month, who found horrific conditions both inside and outside Keller’s Bateville Road home in Travelers Rest. Her arrest date is listed as May 6.

Inspector Dewees first inspected the home in May and was refused entrance by Keller, stating people are trying to shut down rescues. Keller told the inspector a warrant would be required then slammed the door. R. Rich went by the get the necessary documents from Judge Davis and the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) was contacted to execute the warrant. Meanwhile, Inspector Dewees began photographing the property while waiting for GCSO. The front porch was covered in carrying crates and garbage. A dead rabbit was also found on the side porch to the residence.

Multiple white breeder rats were found in the yard and thrown into the bushes. A nearby shed held crates filled with stacks and stacks of nesting chickens. Every crate was covered in feces and there was no water for the chickens. Several were found dead in the yard. Dewees stated there were hundreds of chickens and roosters, five goats, approximately six free roaming rabbits and two donkeys.

When the warrant arrived, Rich, GCSO and Inspector Dewees entered the home, where the odor of urine, feces and cleaning products were strong. Wet mop streaks were seen all over the floor where Keller had attempted to tidy up her home. Inside the door in a box lay a mama cat and approximately six kittens. The inside of the box had running feces and the kittens appeared sick.

Along the hallway were aquariums filled with as many as 10 white mice/rats each. When asked if these were the same type of white mice seen outside, Keller is reported to have told Inspector Dewees when they die she throws them outside. In another room several mama cats and kittens were found with runny feces inside ‘containers.’ Keller told the inspector she was fostering for Greenville County Animal Care until fosters or other rescues could be found for the cats.

She allegedly admitted many of the cats were sick with giardia, panleuk, and coccidia, all of which are serious and contagious illnesses. Keller did say she kept the cats separated, but large cats were roaming free on the feces covered floors and bedding. Two cats with cloudy eyes were found in a sunroom. Keller stated the vet told her they may go blind, but she hadn’t returned to the vet for further treatment because she didn’t have time. This room was completely filled with dirty litter boxes and feces.

Keller then led Inspector Dewees to the barn/pasture area where empty water bowls were found. A Honda Odyssey with the hatch open had become a nesting area for chickens and goats. Inside another shed were chickens and pieces of dead chicken. Several rabbits, along with a rabbit carcass were found. No water available for any of them.

Two representatives from Greenville County Animal Care services arrives, and the job began to round up all of the cats since Keller signed them over to the shelter. Inside the home, a black and white cat was found under a table, partially decayed and stuck to the floor. An insect had begun eating a hole in the side of the cats face. When asked about this cat, Keller didn’t remember which cat it was or where it came from.

A total of 46 cats and kittens were removed from the home and transported to the shelter. More rodents were found in aquariums as well. Unfortunate, there were cats in the garage that couldn’t be captured.

Keller was issued a ticket for living conditions in the home x2 because none of the animals had fresh water available. During a final walk through of the home, it was discovered the smoke detectors had been deactivated and removed from the ceiling and a breaker box was uncovered. Keller has been charged but not convicted at this time. She had a court appearance last week. Let’s hope Greenville County takes this case more seriously than Anderson County did in the case of Julianne Westberry.

This article may be amended as more information comes in. It hasn’t made mainstream media at this time. This article is based on 40 pages of FOIA documents from information filed by the inspector who investigated Keller. Many will still support Keller and her ‘rescue’ efforts. Follow Facebook: Greenville Cats Examiner for updates. Much more information can be found on the Fake Rescue’s page.

Do not threaten Keller in any way. To do so will require the entire comment section to be shut down as comments cannot be removed individually.





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