Two Georgia women charged after 38 cats found living in a minivan

April 27, 2016

Two Georgia women, well known for keeping too many cats, are once again in trouble with the law. Authorities found 38 cats living inside a minivan after Sandy Springs police said a concerned citizen flagged down a police officer and reported a large number of cats living in the vehicle, Fox5 Atlanta reported April 26. A video can be found here.

Fulton County Animal Control officer Tim Poorman had to dig through the minivan for cats and kittens, where he found days-old kittens inside a cup holder. In an interview with Fox5 Atlanta, Poorman stated
 “We went through trash for the cats, digging on our hands and knees.”

Cats were also found in the dashboard. Of the 38 cats rescued, four were too sick to be adopted. The other 34 are very healthy despite their circumstances and may be adopted through Fulton Animal Services or call 404-613-0357.

Police learned of warrants out for the arrest of Alexandra Ann-Marie Wingate, 41, who was charged with cruelty to animals on March 22, 2016. Mother Sharyn Wingate, 70, was arrested and charged as well on March 22, 2016. This is their third charge for animal cruelty. Both were arrested December 1, 2011, for an October 24, 2011, offense as well as a subsequent arrest October 3, 2014. More information on their animal cruelty history can be found here.

The charges April 26 stem from a probation violation for Alexandra and Sharyn Wingate, as part of the terms of probation, was the agreement not to keep cats. Alexandra has a large following on Facebook who defends her actions and believes her to be a true cat lover.

LifeLine Animal Project, which manages the Fulton County shelter, is grateful to the citizen who reported the cats and urges anyone who observes animal cruelty to report it to 404-613-0358 in Fulton County and 404-294-2939 in DeKalb County.



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