Two dozen dead cats found crammed into cages in an Oklahoma City field

June 18, 2016

Animal welfare investigators are searching for the person responsible for leaving two dozen dead cats crammed into cages in an Oklahoma City field on June 10, OKCFox News reported June 15. The cages were reportedly discovered in the tall grass near a road, and officers believe that they were thrown from a vehicle while the cats were still alive.

It’s believed the cats were in the field about a week. The cats were in carrying cages, meaning there was room in each cage for one cat. Officers found three cats in the first crate, seven in the second, six in the third, and eight in the fourth. Julie Bank, spokesperson for Oklahoma City Animal Welfare Division stated

 “The crates were dirty, clearly had been there for a long time, there were maggots and bugs all over them. And when we opened them up we actually found 24 dead cats stuffed into these 4 carriers. Pretty sad situation, it was pretty horrific and we’re going to try and get down to the bottom of what happened to these animals.”

Police received the first call from railroad workers near SW Macarthur and Newcastle. The worked had noticed a horrible smell coming from the cats, who were found in various stages of decomposition. Banks says they’re working on whether the cats were alive when left in the scorching heat.

Banks is concerned the person who did this to two dozen helpless cats could escalate and harm a person. None of the cats had microchips, so nvestigators are asking anyone with information to call OKC Animal Welfare at (405) 297-3100 or Crime Stoppers at 405-235-7300.. If a tip leads to an arrest and conviction, you could receive a cash reward.

Animal cruelty is a felony in Oklahoma, and whoever did this should be punished. A petition webpage directed at Mayor Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City can be found at


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