Lexington County, SC man accused of killing son’s 6-month-old puppy

May 29, 2013

A Lexington County, SC man has been arrested and charged with ill treatment of animals after an argument on May 26 led to the killing of the family dog. John Scott Mill, 37, was arrested on Tuesday after taping the animal’s mouth shut with electrical tape then locking it in a laundry closet.

The dog was abandoned there, bound and without food or water. Mill is now accused of torturing, tormenting and killing his 3-year-old son’s 6-month old Labrador retriever. The dog was found dead Tuesday afternoon when movers who were taking the family’s furniture to a new house discovered the dog.

 Lexington County Sheriff James Metts said Mill took the tape off the dog’s mouth and threw it’s body into a dumpster when movers discovered the body. He was arrested later that afternoon.
Reports are that Mills and his wife got into an argument at his Irmo home Sunday afternoon, causing her to take the boy and leave the home. Then Mills started sending her text messages and calling her with threats to kill the puppy. Since Mills was allegedly very drunk when she and the boy left, the wife didn’t think he was serious about killing the dog.

According to the SC Statutes on animal cruelty, the law reads:

“Animal cruelty occurs when a person knowingly or intentionally overloads, overdrives, overworks, ill-treats any animal, deprives any animal of necessary sustenance or shelter, inflicts unnecessary pain or suffering upon any animal, or by omission or commission knowingly or intentionally causes these things to be done. Such activities result in misdemeanors with possible imprisonment not exceeding sixty days and/or fines of $100 – $500 for a first offense; second convictions result in imprisonment not exceeding ninety days and/or a fine of up to $800. A third or subsequent conviction results in imprisonment up to two years and/or a fine not exceeding $2,000. The statute also has a felony provision for the torture, tormenting, needless mutilation, cruel killing, or infliction of excessive or repeated unnecessary pain with imprisonment of 180 days to 5 years and by a fine of five thousand dollars.”

Since the puppy was tortured, tormented and cruelly killed, Mills may be facing felony charges. The sheriff says Mill could face up to five years in prison if convicted. It was unclear whether he has an attorney.

This man is obviously a monster, and his wife and son would do well to stay away from him. Readers, what do you think the punishment should be?

Your comments are welcome.



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