K-9 Unit officer with Portsmouth PD charged with animal cruelty

July 23, 2013

A Portsmouth (Virginia) Police Department officer has been charged with animal cruelty, WAVY10 reported July 23.

Officer Brian Davis, 34, and his wife Jennifer, 33, have been charged with alleged animal cruelty and inadequate care of animals after a former police horse named Amy died in their care. Davis is assigned to the K-9 Unit and is now on administrative assignment, pending investigation.

Both charges are considered misdemeanors.

The Davis family adopted the 14-year-old horse retired back in 2009. In March, David and Debra Kelly took over caring for Amy. In an interview with WAVY News, the Kelly family told reporter Anne McNamara they wanted to save the horse, who appeared emaciated.

Amy was examined by a vet, who told her new family that Amy didn’t have enough muscle mass or energy to stand. The vet diagnosed her condition as occurring from “long-term starvation in the hands of the previous owner.”

The decision was decided soon after to euthanize Amy, only two weeks after the Kelly family took over her care.



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