Homeless Chicago couple mugged at knifepoint and their precious dog stolen

October 18, 2013

Chad and Cherry Muzzy (last name changed for privacy) are a homeless couple in Chicago who had the misfortune of being mugged and their dog stolen. I received details of this tragedy last night, and ask for your help in finding their stolen dog.

Chad and Cherry recently raised enough money to get to Minneapolis, where a friend was going to take them in and help them out until they got back on their feet. Their plans were to leave Chicago this week and make the trip north.

Then on October 15, the unthinkable happened. Cherry, who is pregnant, was mugged at the 7/11 convenience store on Van Buren Street in Downtown Chicago. Between five and eight Hispanic males held a knife to Cherry’s throat at around 11 pm. The men took their money and their one nice digital camera.

While Sherry was distracted, one of the other men took their Chihuahua Poncho off of his leash and stole him. Poncho is 4yrs old, not neutered and not micro-chipped. He has a red harness and a camouflage leather collar. Poncho is wearing a red.leopard jacket with ‘spoiled” and another coat over that that has camo leather with fur trim.

The police were called and the suspects were found the same night, but unfortunately, Poncho was not with them. Chad and Cherry’s other dog Chevy, a pit/red heeler mix, is still with them.

They are devastated and don’t want to leave without Poncho. Their cell phone has been shut off and they are working on getting it turned back on. Hopefully, Chad’s mother will be able to get that taken care of in the next day or two.

One of their friends will see this couple again on Saturday. She took these pictures last week to help them out. If not for those photos, there would be nothing to pass around to assist in finding Poncho.

Please share this article with friends, especially those in the Chicago area. Poncho may be with the family of one of the men who mugged them. Or he could be in a new home where the family isn’t aware he was stolen at knifepoint.


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