86 cats and dogs living in deplorable conditions removed from West New York home

May 29, 2016

A mother and daughter are in custody and a third woman being sought after police in West New York, New Jersey were tipped Friday of an overwhelming odor coming from a home on 52 Street, ABC7 News reported May 28. A total of 86 animals confined to 9 by 9 cages were removed from a home described as ‘deplorable.’

Neighbor to the women, Tanya Rodriguez said in an interview with ABC7 News

“I always had a smell that would come into our unit since the walls meet, but the last few days it was like something died. It was unbearable,”

An official from West New York said conditions in the home were deplorable, with the stench of death all over the room. The room, complete with someone’s bed, was stacked to the ceiling with cage after cage of animals living in too small a space to even turn around. It was reported 81 cats and five dogs were removed from the home and taken to safety. Humane Officer Geoffrey Santini believes the cats and dogs were rescued from a hoarding situation. This often happens when a person attempts to save one animal, which leads to more animals until the situation gets out of control.

Dr, Gina Miranda-Diaz with the West New York Health Department stated

“I have never seen animals floor to ceiling, with someone’s bed, someone sleeping in that room. I don’t have words for the poor animals. It’s heartbreaking.”

If you believe these women should be given a stiff punishment for keeping animals in such poor conditions, information from the town website lists Judge Hon. Armando Hernandez and prosecutors Julio Morejon and Rosalind Punales as the ones to contact. The phone number and mailing address are listed below.

Mailing Address
West New York Municipal Court
428 60th St # 16, West New York, NJ 07093

No information is available at this time on whether any of the animals were euthanized. The women involved are being investigated for animal cruelty, but no charges have been filed at this time. Phone numbers for elected officials for West New York can be found here.


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