Veteran Marine Commander Searches for Life-Saving MWD Team

June 17, 2013

This message is posted on the Facebook page for Military Working Dogs. A former Marine is now searching for the life-saving MWD team he credits with saving his life.

The post reads:

“I’m trying to track down what happened to the working dog and handler that were mainly responsible for protecting my Marines and me. The dog’s name was Edo and the dog handler was a Corporal in the Marines. My unit was Kilo 3/8. I was the 4th Platoon Commander. We were in Ramadi and working out of Hurricane Point from Feb to Sept in 2006. If anyone could help me figure out how to find them I would appreciate it.The photo is of me and Edo. I’m not sure of the Cpl’s name. I think they were out of a base in Georgia. The only reason I remember that was because it wasn’t a normal base where Marines are stationed. The dog was a German Shepherd.”

A lot of people who follow MWD’s are trying to reunite this man with Edo, for information purposes, and a lot of progress has been made in only a few hours.

Troop Scoop is a military weblog of daily updates of interest to the military and their families. In April 2008, an article and photo were posted, which appears to be Edo. You have to scroll down a bit to find it. The caption under the photo reads:

“Sgt. Brandon Ellis, a dog handler with 1st Armored Div, and his military working dog, Edo, search for explosives and weapon caches during Op Arrow Cleanup near Hib Hib. CF worked with IP and SoI, from the Hib Hib area in the Diyala province during the mission.”

There’s a good chance this is the same Edo the Marine is seeking information on. If you have information on Edo, please

Social networking is proving an amazing tool for people, as well as these MWD’s who wish to reunite. In the recent story done on Luci, information began coming in within seven hours after that story went online. Blakely Pattison has since heard from several people who knew his dog, Luci.

Please share this post with all of your military friends so we can connect a former soldier with the MWD team he credits with saving his life.


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