Sweet former military working dog with 2 years to live needs loving home

June 7, 2013

This sweet 2-year-old former military working dog has been given a prognosis of only two years to live, due to a debilitating kidney condition. The Military Working Dogs Adoptions group is working very hard to find him a good home, where he can live out those two years surrounded by people who love him.

There are several criteria that must be followed for this sweet dogs adoption. They are:
A) Someone who can spend time with him. This dog is very sweet with people with people
B. He must be the only pet in the home. No other dogs or cats. This dog is a former fighter and wouldn’t do well around other animals
C) Someone who can afford average cost medications
D) Someone who understands that this dog is not expected to live more than two years at most
E) Someone who can travel to adopt the dog

It is believed the best-suited family for this special dog is someone military-oriented who understands how much this former MWD needs love in his final days. Only those who meet all of the above will be considered to take this special dog into their lives.

If a suitable home cannot be found for this MWD to live out his days, his life expectancy will be appreciably shorter as he will not be allowed to languish in the kennels.

To a dog, two years is a very long time. Surely there’s someone out there who is willing to fill the last two years this guy has with lots of love and happiness. If you’re serious about adopting this beauty, please email MWDACares@yahoo.com and place “Adopt Special Needs MWD” in the subject line.




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