Memorial Day honors fallen soldiers and their military working dogs

May 27, 2013

Steve Miller had a comment on the Facebook page celebrating Military Working Dogs that sums up the love between a soldier and the dogs who protected them. Steve said “Thanks to my canine comrades. You had my back. You didn’t grow up with a loving family with kids, treats were not always there, you didn’t roam a house, and table scraps did not exist. Yet you gave more to me than I could have ever given you. You are appreciated for not only your sacrifice but for giving the ultimate one, putting yourself in harm’s way, for our country…with unconditional love.”

The photos on this slideshow portray working dogs and their handlers. Sometimes the handler was killed, and sometimes the dog gave its life to protect its handler. In a few of these photos, dog and handler died together in the service of their country.

Some of these dogs belong to the Australian military or the Royal military. Regardless of where serving, they gave their all for freedom.

Emir and his handled both returned from service. Emir served on 4 deployments to Iraq with the 447th Air Expeditionary Wing, Kirtland Air Force Base. He passed away from medical complications on May 20, 2013. Rest in peace, Emir, and thank you for your service.

This slideshow is only a small fraction of the dogs who have served alongside military personnel. There are literally thousands who went into battle with their soldiers.






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