Former MWD handler seeking information on MWD Kemo N605

June 24, 2013

Timothy Heiser is looking to connect with anyone having information on his former MWD Kemo N605.

Timothy served in the United States Marine Corps, 3/9 India Co. and was stationed at Camp LeJeune. He deployed to Afghanistan with Kemo from November 2010 until July 2011.

Recent attempts to locate Kemo have turned up a status of “unavailable” as of some time in 2012. Timothy would like to learn how Kemo is, and would like to adopt Kemo if there’s any way to work this out in the future.

They have posted a plea for information on the Facebook page for Military Working Dogs stating

“My boyfriend deployed with him 2 years ago to Afghanistan. We were told recently he was up for adoption, but later found out he was no longer available. My boyfriend would have been his last handler, and was never contacted for adoption. It would mean the world for us to have him in our family.”

He and his girlfriend Kelly, who is a licensed veterinary nurse, have an acre of fenced land and a spoiled rotten pup that would love to have Kemo as a big brother.

After two combat deployments, it would mean the world for Timothy emotionally to reunite with his battle buddy.

Does anyone out there know whether MWD Kemo N605 has been adopted. If so, at least Timothy could make contact with the adoptive family and exchange information.

Many adoptive families of MWD’s want to connect with former handlers to learn more about their remarkable dogs.

Anyone with information can contact Timothy and Kelly at


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