Former military dog handler wants to say a final goodbye to his PEDD partner

March 25, 2015

Steve Welch has one wish, and that’s to say a final goodbye to his former Patrol Explosives Detection Dog Benny.

Steve and Benny bonded deeply during the time they worked for a contractor (Ronco) in Afghanistan in 2010-2011. When the two had to part because of changes in the contract, it was extremely hard for handler Steve Welch, who felt he was losing a family member. Not only was Benny a partner and best friend, he also saved Steve’s life on two occasions.

Steve has started a Facebook: Saying goodbye to Benny community page here, where he writes

“I would just like the chance to say good bye to my former partner and CWD Benny now that he has been retired. Benny was retired in Sept. 2014 I tried to make connections to see if I could adopt him. I was told that the current handler had already adopted Benny. Now after realizing that I will never be able to bring Benny home, I just want to get this to as many people as I can, so that one day I can see him one more time just to say good bye. thank you in advance for any help.”

Former military dog handler of PEDD Benny now searching for his K-9 partner

It’s not asking too much to allow Steve to say goodbye one final time.We need to help make this happen. Steve isn’t asking to take Benny away from his new home. Just to say farewell and thank you to a devoted dog, partner, and family member.

Please support Steve’s page, and share his story with friends.




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