Former handler of IDD Chewie P476 seeking information on his K-9 battle buddy

June 30, 2013

Sgt. Daryl Johnston deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 with IDD Chewie P476. He tried to no avail to locate him, and when he couldn’t, Daryl adopted Kemo. He believes Chewie may have been adopted to another handler.

In a Facebook post dated June 29, Johnston posted his desire to reunite with his former K-9 partner.

Daryl deserves the opportunity to adopt Chewie because he’s making a very big sacrifice.

In the article written on Kemo found here, there’s an amazing end to Kemo’s story. Sgt. Daryl Johnston now has Kemo and has made the most difficult decision imaginable. He’s going to return Kemo to his former handler, Timothy Heiser. Right now Daryl is taking some time to say goodbye to Kemo, then they will be headed to reunite with Timothy and his family.

Social media is unmatched for reuniting people. Now we’re using the power of the internet to reunite military dog handlers with their former MWD’s. Earl was found, thanks to the determination of Rachel Lawson, who worked so hard to find Earl and bring him home to her brother Lcpl. Bradley O’Keefe, his former handler.

Luci, whose article was published by Examiner on June 12, was located only seven hours after the story broke.

For other MWD’s, their handlers and the people who are so gracious to adopt these special dogs, thank you all. If anyone would like to make contact with a former dog, be it CWD or MWD or whatever role that dog played, please email information to and I’ll write an article to help make that happen.

As for IDD Chewie P476, please contact Daryl at if you have information on. Even if Chewie isn’t up for adoption, it would be an opportunity for both families to trade stories and information about this beautiful dog.


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