Family of retired PNDD Bak K146 seeking information from his previous handlers

June 30, 2013

PNDD Bak K146 has recently joined the ranks as a retired military working dog. Bak just celebrated his ninth birthday, and according to his new Facebook page, has been in retirement only a few days.

Bak would like to get in touch with some of his former handlers, just to tell them he’s happy and doing well for himself. Bak served in Korea as a PNDD and had seven handlers. He’s from San Antonio, where he trained at Lackland Air Force Base.

Now he’s living the good life in Spring Lake, North Carolina with his new adoptive family.

One of his latest posts describe his day Sunday as

“I had a nice long bath with a massage and my Dad and Mom brushed me for what seems like ever. I still have lots of undercoat to come out, but I feel better. My fur is so soft and I smell like lavender. It’s nice to be clean and not have to sleep on concrete. My orthopedic bed has made my hock sores start to heal up. I’m really digging this whole retirement gig.”

The only thing that’s needed to make his retirement life complete is to hear from a few of his former handlers. He wants his new family and his battle buddies to be able to trade information and stories on what a great and brave dog he is.

Does anyone remember Bak K146? His family would love to hear from you. To fill in the blanks as to what his life was like while serving his country. If you remember Bak, or were one of his handlers, please contact him via Facebook.

Enjoy your new life, Bak. Thank you and your new family for sharing your story with all of us. Hopefully, someone will remember you and contact your family so they’ll know what a heroic dog you are.



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