Deployed Marine’s wife desperate to find Cammie, dog stolen from Phenix City, AL

June 13, 2013

Cammie is a 7-month-old German Shepherd belonging to deployed Marine Michael McCracken and his wife, Brittanie. Now Brittanie is on a manhunt to find Cammie, who was stolen from their Phenix City Alabama yard on June 4.

Brittanie came home to find only a collar in her front yard. This is especially disturbing because Cammie’s collar was on tight enough to where it would have taken some effort to remove it. The collar would have caused a good bit of discomfort while pulling it over her head.

Brittanie also doesn’t know why a thief would leave all of Cammie’s information behind. Cammie had her tags with her vaccine and AKC information on the collar.

There are lots of dog thefts in the area, judging by the number of dogs in the lost and found ads. The majority of them are German Shepherds. Someone wanting to sell Cammie could have benefited from having her AKC records.

Michael is currently deployed to Asia, and Cammie is very special to the entire family. Especially since they recently lost their dog Leela from Lymphoma. Losing Cammie has devastated them.

In an interview with WSFA, Brittanie said “I was devastated….I…I was so upset and you know it’s been a really emotional tough week and my husband’s really upset that his baby is gone you know?”

Animal control and the police have been contacted, but they haven’t learned anything from them since her theft was reported. It’s unlikely the police will help, as lost puppies aren’t very high on their priority list.

Which is why Brittanie has taken it upon herself to search online using social media. Cammie’s photo, along with contact information is spread across several sites on Facebook.

The family has stated they will not prosecute if Cammie is returned immediately.

Please share this article on all of your social media sites so Cammie can be found and brought home. Someone out there knows something and can help find who took her.
Anyone with any information is asked to call Brittanie at 727-359-2974.




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