CWD’s Saryk and Kiko retiring, former handlers sought for adoption

June 30, 2013

The family now fostering two retired Contractor Working Dogs (CWD) from RONCO out of Dilly Texas, want to find their former handlers.

Saryk and Kiko are now retired and have homes waiting for them. But if a former handler would like to adopt one of these dogs, the foster family realizes this would be the best retirement gift imaginable. Both for the dogs, as well as their handlers who have bonded with these dogs while in defense of their country.

Saryk and Kiko were rescued on 26 June 2013 from RONCO in Dilly Texas. Both dogs were Explosive Detection and Patrol, and have been deployed multiple times to Afghanistan.

The rescue was also told that they were shutting down the kennels due to lack of work, and all CWDs needed out by Friday or they had the chance of being euthanized. The rescue refused to let that happen and drove to Dilly to rescue them.

At first it was just going to be Saryk, but then they were told Kiko’s adopted family never came. So the rescue took them both. All of Ronco’s medical records for them are “missing” so the rescue doesn’t have any history on them. They were seen by a local vet, however, no info on handlers are on those records.

Don’t worry, these two CWD’s are currently in foster care and are safe from euthanasia.
The rescue who pulled them would really like to reunite these 4-legged heroes with their 2-legged heroes. Please share this article with all you know so they can be reunited.

On clue to Saryk may be on this webpage where it says

“U.S. Army Spc. Marcus Bernardy, 2-508 Parachute Infantry Regiment and his canine Saryk, a military working dog, demonstrate attack capabilities, Dec. 28. The decoy suit protects Pvt. Jayson Holden, 5th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division who volunteered to assist with the demonstration at the Canadian street hockey rink, Kandahar boardwalk, Kandahar Airfield, Afghanistan.”

This isn’t confirmed, but Saryk isn’t a common name, and the ages would be about right for this to be the same dog.…

If you have any information on a prior handler to Saryk or Kiko, please contact the Facebook page so these heroes can all be reunited.






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