Adopter of retired EDD Rita J444 would like to share info with former handlers

June 17, 2013

The adopter of retired Specialized Search Dog Rita J444 would like to share info on this beautiful retired SSD with previous handlers and the soldiers who depended on her to keep them safe.

Rita was adopted upon her retirement from Lackland AFB in March 2013. She is a former Specialized Search Dog for the army in Iraq and retired from her military career as an Explosives Detection Training dog at Lackland. Her resume includes helping certify over 50 MWD handlers that are currently serving or have served in the military.

According to an excellent article, SSD’s ( as well as EDD’s)work off-leash and search for arms and explosives on roads and routes and in open areas, buildings, and vehicles.

Rita was adopted through Military Working Dog Adoptions, which is a 501c3 non-profit organization that was formed as a result of the adoption of Retired MWD Benny B163 (1997-2010). Their mission is to form great working relationships with handlers and kennel masters by helping them place their dogs if needed.

When they know of an available dog, and it’s location, they do everything in their power to help the people who have contacted them and connect with the source who has the MWD. Since February 2012, they have also served as the private adoptive arm for the retiring Contract Working Dog Heroes of American K9.

Rita’s new family would like to share that she is living on a ranch in California. She chases ducks and plays with her buddy, Wyatt, their 2 year old colt. She loves her Kong, loves swimming around in ponds, and loves to search for hidden handguns.

Her new family says of her “Rita is the sweetest girl I’ve ever had! She listens to me and stops on a dime! Our other retired MWD Jarno (R151) is her constant companion. She is happy, healthy and beyond loved!!”

Anyone wishing to contact Rita’s owner, email: They’d love to share stories with Rita’s former handlers and keep them updated on her life as a spoiled family dog.

More information on MWD’s, both active and retired, can be found on Facebook’s Military Working Dogs page





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