Adopter of of retired MWD F-482 Lodd EDD/P would like to contact former handler

June 9, 2013

Barb Kirk is the proud parent of retired U.S. Air Force MWD F-482 Lodd EDD/P. Now Barb has come forward with the desire to learn more about her dog, and to share stories of Lodd with his previous handler. This is not a case where the retired MWD is up for adoption to the former handler. Barb simply wants to fill in Lodds history while serving with the U.S.A.F.

Lodd has been with Barb for almost three years. His service record shows he entered the military in 2002 and medically retired early in 2010. Lodd’s first entry is his whelping on September 2, 2002. The last entry on Lodd is 341st at Lackland AFB. His vet records stopped in 2004 and picked back up in 2009. Lodd was also with TSA for three months.He’s a German Shepherd, weighing 71 pounds, with black and tan markings.

Barb’s understanding is that Lodd served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. Unfortunately, these are the only details she has on the “man” in her life, and she’d like to learn more.

Lodd is an outstanding dog. He even accompanied Barb to a recent military ball. They made quite the pair, and Lodd was definitely the most handsome male at the event.

Barb describes her life with Lodd saying “Lodd travels with me everywhere I go and, we have been to Hospice Houses where he sits or stands beside the dying veterans beds. Most of them lay their hand on his ears and he stands completely still! I also educate the public on these wonderful, very deserving K9’s being available for adoption to the public which is not a well-known fact to many. Lodd and I also teach children on “dog body language” so they’re informed on how NOT to get bitten.

Lodd was an “honored guest” along with myself at a military ball last year and was such a huge hit that we have been asked back this year. That’s where the picture of us (me in my evening dress and Lodd in his retirement vest) came from. They have had an additional 100 people request tickets because of “the dog”…..he received a standing ovation after I told the crowd about his service.

Other than changing my car license plates to the “Kong Mobile” as I am simply his taxi and he is the famous one he spends his days curled up on the floor sleeping or, outside playing and sleeping in the sun! I can’t imagine life without him!”

Barb has tried several outlets in an effort to find more information on her dog. She has asked two retired and one active Kennelmaster try and get information on Lodd. They all told her finding information on him is like hitting a brick wall. No one is willing to divulge information. The one clue she has is that Lodd was deployed to Europe in 2004. Due to the lack of information available, Barb wonders whether Lodd was perhaps in Special Forces K9.

If anyone has any information, or can offer assistance, Barb can be reached on Facebook, or by email at Anyone with more information on Lodd, or his handler are encouraged to contact her.







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