Witnesses dispute Erie Police officers right to shoot and kill family dog

March 4, 2014

A dog owner in Erie, Pennsylvania is speaking out after Erie Police shot her dog, You Erie News reported March 4.

Athena Bonfa, the owner of a 3 1/2-year-old Rottweiler named Titan, is devastated after her dog was shot by police on Saturday.

Police was called to the area after reports came in that Titan was charging at people in the neighborhood. When police arrived, Titan charged an officer, who was forced to fire four shots into the dog.

Animal control wasn’t called, as it was a weekend. Apparently, their A/C is like many areas in the U.S., where police must handle calls better left to those hired to deal with loose dogs.

Erie Police Chief Randy Bowers told the media that circumstances didn’t call for A/C to be notified. Especially since Titan is accused of attacking officers, making it necessary for a quick decision to shoot the dog.

Titan, described by Athena as a big lap dog, She has since turned to social media to get justice for Titan, who died from his injuries.

Athena described the death of her beloved dog on Facebook saying

“My beautiful baby boy was shot once in front of my house and three times while he tried hiding in our shed.”

Chief Bowers supports the decision to shoot Titan, but those who witnessed the tragedy tell a different story, and say Titan wasn’t being aggressive at the time he was shot.

Erie does have a leash law, stating dogs must be on a leash.





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