Walnut Grove mayor under fire after killing stray mother dog with 8 puppies

November 23, 2014

A petition is now being shared asking for the resignation of a Missouri mayor who shot and killed a stray mother dog with eight puppies. KSPR News reported the story November 20.

The petition, started by Lynn Otoole, can be found here and describes what happened.

“In October 2014, a stray female Border Collie with eight six-week-old puppies was traumatized by Mayor Jim Cole and police officers of Walnut Grove, Missouri. Her puppies were grabbed, she was chased, tasered by the police and the mayor shot her with a shotgun.

As she lay in agony, the mayor went back to his car, got his handgun and finished killing her.

Rescues had offered to take the dog. The mayor had numerous other options such as using a catch pole, a humane trap or a net. A local vet had offered to come over with a tranquilizing dart gun. Rescues were not called and the vet’s offer was not utilized.”

Attempting to defend his actions, the mayor claimed the dog was vicious. Several people in the community had been feeding the dog, who had been dumped after being traumatized by her previous owner. Although no one could get close to this poor girl, humane methods were available to the City of Walnut Grove to assist in her capture.

Reynolds said the dog was vicious and was about to attack children. Those in the community who knew the dogs said she was only defending her pups. Those who spoke to KSPR want Mayor Cole to resign, as they say, he doesn’t represent the community of Walnut Grove.

The right person could have socialized the dog after the rescue. Instead, Mayor Cole decided to cruelly and viciously end her life, taking her away from her puppies, who still needed her.

Paula Geisler’s comment on the KSPR article pages sums the situation up perfectly saying

“The Mayor should be held to an even higher standard that the town’s citizens and I find it appalling and disgusting that he murdered this dog who has 8 puppies to care for…..he should be, by citizen petition, removed from office immediately as he failed up uphold his oath of office…..animal cruelty is a FELONY in all 50 states, and this IS animal cruelty without a doubt!!”

The owner of J.R.’s Garage saw the shooting and says the border collie was thrown in the back of a truck after the mayor shot it, and that the mayor shot the dog, and later allegedly said he could shoot the dog because he was the mayor.

An investigation is being conducted into the incident. Walnut Grove City Attorney Ken Reynolds said signatures from out of state wouldn’t be valid in the attempt to force Cole to resign. Lynne said the purpose of the petition is to bring the shooting to the public eye, showing Cole’s actions were inhumane and he should be held accountable.

Please take a moment to both email and call Walnut Grove City Hall and ask them to demand the resignation of the mayor and to educate themselves on modern methods of animal rescue. Walnut Grove City Hall: 417-788-2596 Email:cityofwg01@mchsi.com (The Humane Society of Missouri has been contacted on this matter but your phone calls and emails will be helpful.) The phone number for the HS is (314) 802-5709.



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