Update on dog in horrible condition who is now at Humane Society Forsythe County

July 9, 2013

This sweet baby, now known as Dixie, has been cleaned up at Vickery Animal Hospital, according to a July 9 Facebook post from the HSFC.

Dr. Josh Woods and his staff are responsible for the amazing work they’ve done so far. At least you can tell she’s a dog now. And she’s no longer the color of a filthy string mop.

Unfortunately, Dixie does have some skin problems, which are being treated. Most shocking of all was how her fur was matted in such a way that her eyes were always open.

Imagine the ordeal this poor dog has been through, for no telling how long. Dixie is also having to relearn how to walk. Most likely, the matted fur wrapped around her feet caused her to crawl anywhere she had to go. If she could even crawl…

Dixie still has a bit more healing to do before she’ll be released into foster care or adopted out. At least now she’s getting the medical care she needed, as well as the love she deserved. Everyone who has heard her story is in awe of her survival.

It’s not known at this time whether police will try to track down her former owners and charge them with neglect or animal cruelty. While her previous family needs to be held accountable for her deplorable condition, it’s unlikely ownership can be proven, given Dixie was turned in to Fulton County Animal Control as a stray.

The Humane Society of Forsythe County would like to thank all of you who donated to her care, as well as the other animals they have at their facility. To make a donation, please visit their webpage.

Updates on Dixie will be posted on the Humane Society of Forsythe County Facebook page.







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