Town of East Millinocket offers to pay vet bill of service dog shot by police

August 18, 2014

he owner of a Maine service dog shot by police last week is thinking over an offer made by the town of East Millinocket, Bangor Daily News reported August 18.

Jake, a black lab service dog, was allegedly shot for barking at Officer Anthony Redmond around 1:15 p.m. on August 9.

Frank received a letter from Trident Insurance Services, dated August 14, offering to pay the $1,026 invoice submitted to the town for emergency veterinary services to treat Jake.

This amount would cover the first round of treatment, but Frank is holding out because he wants the insurance to cover Jake throughout his recovery. In an interview with Bangor Daily News, Frank stated

“The town’s insurance company called me and said they were willing to pay his vet bills He’s (Jake) sleeping a lot but acting like nothing happened to him. I can’t even understand why. He is just a tough dog physically.”

Frank doesn’t want to accept the initial offer because the chance for complications is still there until Jake is fully healed. An infection or another setback could mean another hefty vet bill.

Police Chief Cameron McDunnah defends officer Redmond, saying Redmond only fired one shot after repeated telling Frank to call off his dog. Frank denies this account, and says Jake went through the door with him, and all Redmond said was “Are you Frank?”





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