Rottweiler shot by police leaves Abbeville family seeking answers

July 23, 2015

A family dog shot by police in upstate South Carolina has left a family seeking answers, Fox Carolina News reported July 23.

Roxie, an 8-month-old Rottweiler owned by Eugene and Elaine Marshall was shot six times by Abbeville police officer who was called to their Rosenberg Street residence July 9 by a neighbor, who said the dog was loose and acting aggressively.

Police responded and shot Roxie six times when she allegedly ‘charged’ at them. Roxie died from her injuries. Now the Marshall family is wanting answers, saying Roxie was trained to stay within the perimeter of the yard.

In an interview with Fox Carolina News, Eugene stated

“I’m emotional over it, because I love my dog. And if they would show me some video footage showing that my dog showed aggression toward them, and ran toward them with aggression or a mean intensity trying to bite them, I would apologize to them and tell them I’m sorry, but I want to see the video footage.”

The family has reportedly asked to see either dashcam or body camera evidence that Roxie had indeed attacked the officers. So far the police haven’t released footage showing the shooting.

Police gave the reason for shooting Roxie six times as they ‘feared for their safety.’ The Fox Carolina article doesn’t state whether the City of Abbeville Police or Abbeville County Sheriff’s Department were responsible. This article will be updated once that information becomes available.

The neighbor who placed the complaint call refused an interview with Fox.

For those of you who are unaware that thousands of dogs are shot by police each year, the Puppycide DB Project is filled with information. More cases are added daily.

Facebook: Dogs Shot by Police community page is updated on a regular basis and includes information on what to do if your dog is shot by police.




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