Pup shot by Iowa police officer will be put up for adoption

September 10, 2014

A pup shot last month by an Iowa police officer is recovering from his injuries, and will soon be up for adoption, The Ottumwa Evening Post reported September 7.

Cody, a nine-month-old pit bull mix was shot by Ottumwa Police back on August 28. Police Chief Tom McAndrew defends his officer, who was responding to a domestic disturbance at 905 North Court when Cody “lunged and attempted to bite” the officer. The officer shot Cody once, hitting the pup near his right front elbow.

The officer drove Cody and Cody’s owner to a veterinarian for treatment.

The city of Ottumwa has a pit bull ordinance, and Cody had been ordered out of the city a few weeks before he was shot. Cody’s owner apparently told law enforcement the pup was no longer in the city, although he was still living in her home.

This created a problem as to what to do with the injured dog. At one point, the option of euthanasia was a possibility for Cody. Since Community Service Officer Jeff Williams was in Arizona for dog training at the time, the decision was made to impound Cody at the veterinarian until his fate could be determined, once Williams returned.

Hope Animal Rescue, located in Grimes, has a business relationship with the Ottumwa Police Department. They reached out to help with his care as soon as they heard Cody’s story, and Cody’s owner surrendered him into their care. Cody is recovering in their ICU after undergoing surgery after undergoing surgery on Saturday.

Jed Hammen, Hope Animal Rescue Founder and President, stated in an interview with The Post

“His ulna and radius have both been damaged; his ulna was shattered and is in two pieces. What we are working to do now is provide him with the opportunity to keep his leg, because he is only between eight and nine months old. We have to heal up his external wound, from the bullet, to start with. We had to remove shattered pieces of the bone and bullet fragments during surgery, yesterday. Now we will be changing his bandages on a daily basis and we hope to be able to cast it by the end of the week.”

The risk of amputation is still there. If infection sets in, or if the bone starts to protrude from the skin, Cody could still lose his leg. Once Cody has healed from his surgery, he’ll face a long road of physical rehabilitation. Then he’ll be put up for adoption, Hammen says in about two to three months.

As for Cody being vicious, he’s been a great dog since being at Hope Animal Rescue. He wags his tail and allows the vet to treat his injured leg. Despite being scared and in pain, Cody has done nothing more than growl. Since he hasn’t shown any signs of aggression, Cody isn’t muzzled to treat his wound.

This differs greatly from the dog described by police as vicious. Ottumwa Police report several neighbors have come forward stating they were chased and attacked by Cody.

Cody’s treatment is estimated to cost $2,500, which is being raised through the sale of “Team Cody” shirts. To purchase a shirt, click here, or click here to make a cash donation.





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