Pit bull shot by police during Middleton, Ohio drug raid has been euthanized

August 6, 2014

An Ohio dog shot by police during a drug raid on Wednesday has been euthanized, WKRC 12 News reported August 6. A video can also be seen at this link.

WKRC 12 was the only news team on scene Wednesday when Middleton Police conducted a drug raid on two homes located in the 1800 block of Manchester. The two warrants ended with seven people being detained, a dog dead after being shot by police, and an infant and toddler took from one of the homes.

Middleton Police confiscated crack cocaine and heroin during the raids. Seven people were detained in the first home, and three at the second home. A brother of one of the suspects at the first home lived at the second home.

One woman was detained after becoming upset at losing her children.

According to reports, there were four pit bulls in one of the homes. One dog is said to have gone after one of the officers, which caused the other three dogs to become agitated. An officer shot the first dog, and the other three were scared off using a fire extinguisher.

The dog shot by police was originally reported to be receiving treatment for its injuries. It has since been euthanized.

Although some of those arrested have since bonded out, the names and charges they’ll face haven’t been released.

We all know how this case will go down. Officer’s will report the dog was ‘charging,’ and he ‘feared for his safety.’ Why wasn’t the fire extinguisher used to scare off the dog who lost it’s life at the hands of police? In dog behavior training, fire extinguishers are listed as a non-lethal method of controlling an aggressive dog.

Apparently, we have a few officers with some common sense and one who chose to shoot first and ask questions later.

Contact numbers for Middleton, Ohio officials can be found here.

Since this article is a breaking news report, it will be amended once more information is learned on the dog who gave its life protecting its family.




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