Pit bull recovering after being shot by Colorado Springs Police; owner arrested

September 3, 2014

A Colorado dog is recovering after being shot by Colorado Springs Police, Fox21 News reported August 31.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Blotter

“On 08/31/14 at approximately 1225 hours, Officers with the Colorado Springs Police Department’s Gold Hill Division were dispatched to a residence in the 800 block of E. Cimarron St. to investigate a possible disturbance. Upon arrival, officers were walking up to the residence’s rear facing door. While doing so a large pit bull aggressively and quickly ran from the house and towards the officers. Noting the dog’s aggressive behavior and stance, one of the officers fired several rounds at the animal as it continued approaching them. One of these rounds struck the dog in the rear leg, causing the dog to briefly end its advance and flee towards the house.”

Officers reported they were then able to retreat, but unfortunately the dog “aggressively and quickly” approached the officers a second time.

Patrick Lawrence, 49, of Colorado Springs was able to secure his dog in a crate before officers decided to shoot his dog again.

No probable cause was found to arrest anyone for the original disturbance. Patrick was arrested and charged with possessing a dangerous animal.





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