Petition for justice for Shadow, killed with a shotgun by Fort Worth police

April 5, 2015

Another family dog is dead, and his owners are determined to obtain justice for the brutal method used by Texas police to kill him.

Shadow was the beloved dog of Lonnie Reynolds, who lived homeless in the Fort Worth area. On February 5, Lonnie was camped out in a wooded area when the Fort Worth Police Department received a tip that he and Shadow were camping and that Shadow was loose.

Instead of contacting animal control, three officers with the FWPD used the stealth method to approach the tent where Lonnie and 6-year-old Shadow were taking a nap.

One second they heard “Fort Worth Police” then next “Hold that dog,” and then the fateful shot. Reynolds crawled out of his tent, unable to walk because his prosthetic leg was off in order to be more comfortable.

If you can bear to watch this video, be cautioned that it is graphic. Shadow was shot just beyond the 2:40 mark, then a yelp is heard, then Lonnie can be seen crawling away from police.

Shadow returned to his dad after hearing his voice. After a 30-40 minute wait and the officers telling Lonnie, “they were going to get some help for his dog,” Lonnie was allowed to take Shadow to the vet.

Lonnie and Robin Fairchild (Lonnie’s ex and Shadow’s mom) were told chances to save Shadow were poor. They chose the option that would cause the least suffering. Shadow was euthanized-their fur son now dead.

It’s only right that Lonnie and Robin want justice for Shadow. A Facebook: Justice for Shadow killed by cops with shotgun page was started, and now is joined by a petition, which can be found by clicking here.

Officer Edward P. Martinez (Badge #3343) with the Westside Division Fort Worth Police Department is the man who fired the fatal shot. Shadow’s parents want Martinez to be held accountable for his actions of excessive force and animal cruelty.

Supposedly, FWPD has animal training, but obviously, it’s inadequate.They also would like the Texas Legislature to enact specific laws that will require mandatory training in how to handle dogs with non-lethal means, such as pepper spray and/or tasers. Ideally, they’d like U.S. legislation to mandate such procedures be enacted nationwide, and are willing to take this to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.

These officers should have been better prepared to deal with a dog coming toward them from a tent. A dog they had used stealth tactics to sneak up on. When a dog at large call comes in, police should be prepared to respond to a dog.

How do you feel about this shooting after watching the first few minutes of the video? Do you think it possible police would have fired at the first living thing to exit that tent, even Ronnie himself?

Your comments are welcome.






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