Peoria police kill dog; owner says officers denied request to take dog to safety

May 27, 2014

Another family dog is dead, shot by police in Illinois. NBC News reported the story May 26.

The call began as a request for the Peoria police to visit a Blaine Street residence May 20 after a domestic call came in. Upon arrival, the officer’s heard loud music down the block and went to investigate.

Peoria (City) police officers stated in their report that when officers arrived on the scene, Terry Sally became verbally aggressive with them. Terry had his dog, a pit bull named Jordan, outside at the time. The officer told the second resident to take the dog inside the home.

According to police, the other resident removed Jordan, who later came back outside.

Peoria police met with resistance when Terry was told he was under arrest. After being asked to come out of the gated yard, Terry didn’t comply with their order.

Officers say Jordan was aggressive and came at the officer as he was attempting to make the arrest. At this point, the officer shot Jordan. The dog is said to have gone to a corner, then became aggressive a second time, at which time two more shots were fired. Jordan died from his injuries.

Peoria Police Department Lt. Scott Cook defends his department stating

“Anytime an officer directs you ‘put your dog away, I’m coming into your yard’ you can pretty much guarantee that the officer is going to come into the yard at some point. If you’re refusing to comply with the officers orders, the situation is going to escalate.”

Terry disputes the officer’s version of what took place last Tuesday. In an interview with News 25, Terry said several people asked to take the dog inside and officers wouldn’t allow them to do so.

The incident is being investigated, as it protocol anytime an officer fires their weapon.

A video of the tragedy can be viewed here.




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