Peaceful protest set for March 29 in memory of Titan, shot by Erie police

March 27, 2014

On Saturday, March 29, 2014 supporters of a dog shot by police will be conducting a peaceful protest, Facebook reported.

The protest, where First Amendment rights can be expressed, will be held at the Erie Police Department to petition police to get dog encounter training for all Law Enforcement Officers in the city of Erie.

Protestors will meet at the Gazebo in Perry Square at noon, with the actual march being from 12:30 until 3:00 p.m.

Dog encounter training will provide officers with the skills to better determine what is and what is not aggressive behavior in dogs and give them non- lethal alternatives when subduing them.

It’s estimated that a dog is shot by law enforcement officers every 98 minutes. Sometimes the dog has escaped and is roaming the neighborhood, but many dogs are also shot inside fenced-in yards and inside the home.

This type of training is necessary to prevent tragedies such as Titans and other family pets across the nation. Police need this training to better prepare them for the many “dog at large” calls received, especially on the weekend when no animal control representative is available.

The protest will not include family dogs, as special requirements would have to be met to allow dogs in attendance. A dog-related event is being planned in the near future.

Please join/share/invite this event. Not just for Titan, but for all dogs who have lost their life to an insufficiently trained police officer. This is a peaceful event, and violence of any kind will not be allowed.

Titan also has a page on Facebook, where you can stay updated on future protests and events.


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