Palm Springs Police investigating officer who shot and killed pit bull

July 29, 2014

According to a July 29 report by WFLX News, Palm Springs police are investigating one of their own after a dog was shot dead outside a home on Dale Road last Saturday. A video is available at the link above.

The owner of Twelve Pack, a pit bull, says their family was attending a wedding when a neighbor called to ask the police to investigate a suspicious incident after seeing an open door, open gate and loose dogs at the home.

A family member had returned to the home to grab something they’d forgotten, and most likely forgot to close and lock the gate.

Surveillance video shows Twelve Pack, along with two other dogs running toward the officers. Police say Twelve Pack was displaying aggressive behavior and shot the dog after trying to kick the dog away.

Bobby Schmaltz, a family friend, told WFLX

“It was just shocking. It’s something that you always hear about but you never think it’s going to happen until it touches close to home. He was just a really loving pit bull. It’s basically like losing a friend.”

Police are investigating the incident to determine whether things happened the way the officer described.

Twelve Packs owner said she’ll be more careful in closing the gate in the future. She has five other dogs living at the home.

One lesson to be learned from this is for a neighbor to never, ever think they’re doing the right thing by calling the police to help with a loose dog. Usually, the dog ends up dead.



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